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ceramic coatings

Fill in the contact info below and we will be in contact within 1 business day, or call 706-664-0259
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EDUCATION - So many marketing ploys and buzz words (GRAPHENE, 9H, 10H, LIFETIME, etc.) it's hard to know what is true and what actually works for your vehicle. We spend time researching the science and real world testing of the products we apply to vehicles instead of chasing the latest buzz word. 

PREPARATION - Proper paint rejuvenation & prep work are crucial when installing a semi-permanent coating system

CUSTOMIZED PROTECTION - Every vehicle is different, not every coating is perfect for every vehicle. Knowing when and how each coating reacts with your paint system allows us dial in the perfect combination

PERFORMANCE - Higher solid formulation leads to amazing performance and unmatched gloss levels for your vehicle​.

DURABILITY - Every vehicle is different, every client and the way they care for their vehicle is different. With that said, with proper maintenance we offer clients protection options lasting 3-10 YEARS! 

CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT - This is hand and hand with preparation but often over looked. We have a great 6000sqft facility that we control temperature and humidity levels, crucial in proper curing of the coating. Another way we ensure proper curing is every coating is professionally cured with infrared curing lamps for maximized hardness before leaving our facility.


Entry Level Coating

Modesta BC-08 is a great, professional only coating designed for vehicles seeking short-term but durable protection.


Typical durability will be 3 years with great gloss, ease of care, and at a great price point! Perfect for those wanting great protection on a budget but also for those with lease vehicles or if you trade out vehicles often!


Wet look_ Nah, we prefer glass 😬 —_Sche


When I contacted Ryan and Bare Knuckles the first thing that I noticed is that he was willing to discuss whatever level of protection or detailing service that I was interested in. No hard up-sell or pressure to purchase a special service, but a real discussion about what was right for me, quality and price wise. 

Friday’s are for Fast Cars & Front Ends�


Have taken 3 different vehicles to have various types of detailing and coatings. All 3 were done to perfection. Highly recommend!!



Ryan is the best around! Super nice guy and professional. Black cars are the hardest to make look right but the paint correction he did on our BMW X5 looks better than new. Would trust him with any car! Thanks Ryan

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