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Costal Professional Car Detailing

We are the top choice for car window tinting, ceramic coating, auto detailing, and paint protection film services in Richmond Hill and Savannah, Georgia.


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Mediocrity is unacceptable

We currently care for millions of dollars of assets for clients that trust us to do it right every time. We do not accept being mediocre or "just another detail shop". Our vision is simple, "care for it as if it were our own", and we believe that comes through our work.

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Window tint

Window Tint Richmond Hill

Carbon Film

These films will reject 99% of UV light that can cause premature failure of your vehicle's interior, as well as cause damage to your skin in the form of skin cancer and aging. Carbon films look great, they however typically will offer little to no heat rejection.

Ceramic Tint Savannah Ga


Our most popular ceramic film, that provides not only UV rejection but heat rejection! FXtreme2 will help rejects up to 88% of infrared heat. If you're wanting to stay cool, while looking great, this is the film for you.

Ceramic Tint Richmond Hill

Ceramic Plus

Our highest grade film in heat rejection. FX Plus rejects up to 96% of heat, making it ideal for those wanting maximum heat reduction in this Georgia heat! 


Matte PPF Richmond Hill

Paint Protection Film

Protect the high impact areas or the whole vehicle with clear, matte, or gloss black paint protection film for the ultimate protection.

All film is self healing, extremely stain resistant, and will help rocks and debris from damaging your paint. 

10 and 12 year warranties

Detailing Richmond Hill

Modesta Ceramic Coating

Premium, top tier coatings for enthusiasts only. Made in small batches in Japan, to ensure peak performance, these Professional Only coatings are the purest coatings on the market. 

Modesta's range of coatings will last 3-10 years with proper maintenance. 

Ceramic Coating Richmond Hill

Paint Correction 

We take the time to do things right instead of rushing through to the next job. The thread throughout the Bare Knuckles family is our attention to detail. 

We want to remove the defects that can distract and take away from your vehicles optimal gloss.

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