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The Art of Paint Correction

Have you ever taken your car to have it "buffed" only to have it left riddled with buffer marks and more swirls than what was originally there? While many detail shops fill in the swirls and defects by using subpar waxes and polishes to hide them, we permanently remove them.

Paint correction is an artform, and in the wrong hands a buffer/polisher can be a very dangerous tool that can cause more damage than good. By removing swirl marks and other defects from your paints finish we can create deep, rich , extremely clear paint.  Whether it's rotary buffer swirls, bird etchings, or even scratches in paint, our Enthusiast Detail is designed to remove those defects safely and effectively. This is not a quick "buff" that is done in a matter of an hour or two, but 10's of hours of labor intensive polishing, measure the paint, and using proper lighting to ensure defects are removed safely. It is highly recommended that a Ceramic Coating be applied after a paint correction is performed to add a hard layer of UV protection down.

What Are defects? We go through great detail about swirls, where they come from and how to avoid them in another blog here on our page, but in short. Defects are any type of imperfection in the paint that takes away from light reflecting off of it perfectly. So swirls, scratches, wet sanding marks, water etching and spots, bird etchings, paint shrinkage, trash in the clear coat from painting, etc.

So you just purchased your new vehicle, now what? Although we hate to say it, new vehicles have a long journey from the factory and into your hands. This leads to industrial fallout, rail dust from shipping, left over adhesive on the paint or glass, and even swirls from the dealership washing your brand new vehicle improperly. Dealership "clean up guys" are pushing through 100's of vehicles a month in a lot of cases and aren't fully trained on using the correct methods to ensure they don't install swirls. Moving forward the paint needs to be detoxed, lightly polished, and protected.

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