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How can we help you better care for and prolong your vehicles appearance? We would love to hear more about you and your vehicle so that we can better understand how to help you.


Book your appointment now by visiting our virtual shop or if you're unsure about which service is right for you, or have a question, please fill out our form below



Please call or email if you have any questions that are not answered!

1. Can you do my vehicle today/How booked up are you?

This is a common question we get asked a lot. We are not a quick, take in your vehicle, clean it, and leave type business. We take the time to carefully work through your vehicle to make sure everything is done correctly. We typically see anywhere from 2-4 weeks booked out at any given time with our services. 

2. How long does your process take?

Obviously, this depends on the services we are preforming on your vehicle. Our Enhancement Polish, Window Tint, and Maintenance Detail, will typically be all same day services.  Coatings and Correction work will take 2-3 days. Paint Protection Film can vary depending on what is being covered. Front ends will be 1 full day, a full car will take about a week to ensure everything is dry before leaving. 

3.How long should I wait to have ceramic coating/wax/PPF applied to my freshly painted vehicle?

60-90 days typically, although you should ask the painter their thoughts as their paint, hardeners, and other solvents may require more or less time to "gas off". Applying film or other protection too early can cause hazing and improper curing of the paint.

4. Are bubbles normal in my film?

Yes! The film requires a wet application which can sometimes leave behind moisture and/or small air pockets. These bubbles should clear up within 2 weeks of the installation. This applies to both window and paint protection film.

5. Are ceramic coatings scratch/rock chip proof?

NO. There is a lot of false information about ceramic coatings on the internet. Yes, you have to wash and care for your vehicle. No, it will not stop rock chips or a tree scratching your paint. If you are looking for rock chip or scratch resistant protection, PPF is the only answer. Ceramic Coatings are to help prevent oxidation, chemical etching of the paint, keeping the paint glossy, and help make cleaning/maintaining the vehicle for an extended period of time.

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